Business Consulting

Our business consulting practice is all about delivering results, customized for our clients’ unique needs. Nothing else really matters. Whether you want your company to have higher revenue, be more productive, achieve efficiency, sustain growth, serve customers better, or some combination of all of the above, The Persimmon Group has developed proven methodologies and tools for discovering what makes your organization unique and how we can help it reach its true potential. more

Leadership Development

At The Persimmon Group, we recognize people are your organization’s most valuable asset. From top leadership to entry-level employees, the company’s success relies on your people. That’s why we offer leadership development services that will grow your people, empowering them to become catalysts of success and creators of lasting solutions. more

IT Business Services

While most companies today have IT divisions, businesses rarely leverage IT investments strategically to drive stronger business results. More often than not, it’s because business and IT are focused on different outcomes that are disconnected at a strategic level – executives on business strategy and IT on technology.  The Persimmon Group’s IT Business Services Practice specializes in helping companies integrate business strategy with IT planning and tools investment, setting a course for greater business success. more

Project Management Consulting

Our project management leaders have been in the trenches. We’ve worked on everything from large-scale enterprise projects to small teams deployed to address very specific challenges. But our project management experts always have a singular focus – achieving return on investment.  more

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    Experience Persimmon PM Training

    Experience Persimmon PM Training

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    The Persimmon Group Story

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