Leadership Development

Leadership development and mentorship are not efforts that should cease once you reach a certain height on the corporate ladder – if anything, you need it now more than ever. Selecting and developing your leadership talent is one of the single most important steps you can take to ensure the long-term success of your organization.

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A business leader's call to action

A Business Leader’s Call to

When did reflecting on business, work, and taking time to improve how we work become “not working?”

Succession planning packs leadership bench

Succession Planning Packs
Leadership Bench

Four key factors that play a role in developing a successful succession plan.

Leaders aren't always annointed at the office

Leaders Aren’t Always
Annointed At The Office

Ask this question of youself and your business: Do we have an environment where leaders are able to emerge when the time is right?

Persimmon’s leadership development programs prepare your leaders to adapt to the ever changing business envivonment.


The Persimmon Group offers comprehensive leadership development services that can be targeted to a single individual, executive management teams, or entire organizations. Through assessments, workshops, exercises, and intensive training sessions, we can determine what kind of leaders you have to work with in your organization, and give them practical tools for developing their own leadership styles. We can teach your leaders and potential leaders about conflict resolution, motivation, goal setting and teamwork skills that will prepare them and guide them toward organizational objectives.

Some of our Leadership Development Offerings include:

  • Customized Leadership Development Learning Events
    Business Projects – Participants work as a team to identify and complete high-return, low-investment projects for your organization.
    Monthly Forums – Facilitated workshops and seminars focused on developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be a successful leader.
    Leadership Training Courses and Workshops – Offer opportunities to learn and apply leadership techniques.
  • Implementation of Leadership Development Program(s)
    Here are some examples of areas where we can support you as your program begins: selecting program participants, identifying the level of assessment for each participant, selecting the most effective development opportunities, defining the schedule, identifying “low-hanging fruit”, and identifying mentors.
  • Development of a Leadership Competency Model
    By combining our experience, industry best practices, and your organization’s key personnels’ insights, we can develop a competency model that defines the core abilities necessary to be a successful leader in your organization. The competency model includes cognitive ability, experiential learning, personal values, and potential derailers.
  • Analysis using Hogan Assessment’s Leadership Forecast Series and a tailored 360 Assessment
    Hogan’s Leadership Forecast Series provides each participant with four reports that offer unique information regarding the characteristics, competencies, and values that contribute to how the individual approaches work, leadership, and interactions with other team members.
  • Coaching Sessions
    Individual or team coaching sessions, project based coaching, and annual leadership retreats are ways to address development needs and improvement opportunities for each individual or group.
  • Creation of Personal Development Plans
    After analyzing the results from the participants’ assessments, we will work with the coaching participants to build a personal development plan that prioritizes and addresses their strenths, development needs, potential derailers, and blind spots.

Persimmon’s coaches and instructors are seasoned professionals with real-world business experience that understand the challenges you face on a day to day basis – challenges such as building effective teams, preparing tBuild a leadership development programhe organization for change, and dealing with generational differences in your workforce. They will partner with you to understand your company’s needs and establish a plan that supports the company’s mission and achieves business results.


Our approach focuses on growing your people, empowering them to become catalysts of success and creators of lasting solutions. Persimmon’s ultimate goal is to improve the performance of your company’s current leaders while growing future leaders.

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