Newsletter Archive for May, 2012

For years, consumers and businesses have used the term “value” to mean “a good buy” — the financially least expensive or highest quality choice. But, the notion of “value” is changing. Now it is becoming associated with “what the business stands for.” A real shift is occurring in our economic culture, where companies that walk their talk — and their “talk” is values — is becoming the key reason why people choose to work for them and to buy from them.

Principled Leadership is quickly becoming applied by many companies to ensure their strategy and their culture pursues their core values. Identifying your organization’s core values, and then using them to make decisions, is the foundation to create a values-based culture. Principles — basic mores or rules that describe how we will conduct ourselves — are a great technique to ensure the culture “walks the values talk.” A company should identify its four to six key principles by which it will live, and then share them throughout its workforce.

What are principles? There are three criteria to help create a solid principle:

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