New Year’s Resolutions for your organization

Now that the hustle and bustle of another holiday season ends, most of us are back to business and focusing on what we need to accomplish in 2011. While we are still fresh from taking that important and special time of being with friends and family over the holidays, we at Persimmon want to take this opportunity to thank and wish all of you a great and prosperous 2011. We appreciate your business and we value your relationship. We hope that 2010 was a productive and blessed year for each of you, and that the intentions you set for the new year are realized and rewarding.

Let’s face it: Most of us have high hopes for 2011 and are taking a sigh of relief. What a year. What a couple of years! To help prepare for 2011, here are a few New Year’s resolutions (and some caution signals) to consider:

Focus on value.
Remind yourself every day to bring value to your customer, your company and your co-workers. Ask yourself, why do I work? Why is your company in business? Something is being produced or provided that is useful to someone else. These past two years have forced companies back to basics — debt reduction, substance over trendiness, efficiencies, inventory management. If you are not producing something meaningful, then you may be passed by.

Assume nothing.
The economy and world are changing by the minute. If you become complacent — assuming your customer is the same market it was 10 years ago — you are ripe for being wrong. Adaptation is crucial in today’s world. You must challenge yourself to stay current, to innovate your product or process and to be prepared for change.
Engage and understand your work force.
People are not beans to be counted. They have personalities, drivers and goals. If you do not recognize their needs and their differences, then you are not leveraging their strengths. This doesn’t mean everyone is always right and we all must get along — but we must function as a “team,” not a “group.”

If you assume today’s young workers need to be managed the same way as those 20 years ago, you will see higher employee turnover this year.

Take calculated risks.
Risk and innovation are making a big comeback in business. After many years of trying to drive risk (of failure) out of the workplace through processes, compliance and regulations, there is now a shift away from making everything run the same way and back toward enabling different ways to reach the same result.

The workplace can be an education daily. With all of the technologies, personalities and changes occurring in the economy, we have the choice of resisting it or embracing it to learn and grow as people.

We vote for the latter. Use 2011 to re-energize yourself and to find your passion in what you do.

Bill Fournet
President and CEO

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