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3 Ways to Create Positive Opportunities from a Change in Workforce

If you experience a change in workforce, here are three considerations to turn this negative into a positive for your company:

Recognize this as a restart. Like restarting your computer, this provides you an opportunity to change what and how a new employee integrates into your team or company. Ask yourself what you would change in your on-boarding of new talent. The longer we are with an organization, we can become jaded in our habits and perspectives. But new talent is NEW.  We can affect cultural and strategic change through new talent. To do so, step back and assess the company’s vision, strategy, and culture. Then, embed it into the talent acquisition process.

We can affect cultural and strategic change through new talent.

Invest in on-boarding your new hires. Because companies are so focused on their immediate productivity needs—or filling the gap from the loss of a team member, they often throw the new hire directly into the operation. This may help on the short-term, but long-term this employee may not understand the values, expectations, and strategy of the organization. When leaders spend time with their new employees and share what and why the company exists, what the expectations are of the new person, and create a line of communication with them, it takes times—but is an investment that increases retention and productivity long-term.

The right environment is necessary for your new employees to help you.

Engage your new employees to bring their past experiences to solve current problems. People have experiences—many of which may not relate directly to their new company or team. But often times their experiences can bring new ideas and perspectives to existing problems that can resolve them quickly. They are able to see the “forest for the trees.”  The key question for the organization is does it create an environment that enables this to happen.

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About the Author: Bill Fournet

Bill Fournet
Bill Fournet is the Founder and CEO of The Persimmon Group, the award-winning management consulting firm he founded in 2004. Bill loves to solve complex problems for organizations of all sizes, and remains hands-on at Persimmon, consulting clients of all sizes and in many verticals.

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