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Leadership Development Courses

Elevate Your Leadership

Our leadership courses are designed for current and aspiring leaders, supervisor through director level, who are seeking to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

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Leadership Development Courses2021-09-01T15:17:53-05:00

Real Interaction, Real Results.

Highly Interactive

Whether in-person or virtual, you’ll see, hear, and speak to your instructor and fellow participants throughout the event, in both large and small group discussions.

Limited Class Size

Class size is limited to allow for rich discussion, reflection, and practice throughout the course. Get immediate in-class feedback on the skills as you practice them.

Expert Support

Our courses are taught by highly experienced facilitators with broad industry experience, so they can speak directly to your unique challenges and experience level.

Upcoming Leadership Development Courses

Looking for Executive Leadership Development? Check Out Our Programs for Executive Leaders.

Developing Yourself as a Leader

How to Build a Roadmap for Your Growth

This course will empower you with the same essential tools and techniques our experienced executive coaches use for their own personal development. Even better, you will leave class having developed a personal roadmap for your growth, with steps to enhance your leadership capabilities and have an immediate positive impact in the workplace.

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Two Half-Day Virtual Course:

May 9, 2023The Persimmon Group8:30 AM - 4:30 PM CTCapacity Limited

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

How to Leverage EQ For Better Relationships and Results

Your IQ matters. But for long-term success in your career and personal life, EQ, or emotional intelligence, matters even more. In this course, you will learn how EQ is measured, and how to increase your EQ to have more successful interactions with your managers, peers, and employees.

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One Half-Day Session:

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Manager and Supervisor Essentials

How to Develop, Empower, and Motivate Employees

How are you developing, empowering, and motivating your employees? Day-to-day employee coaching is a tool that managers and supervisors can use to maximize productivity and increase employee engagement. Research shows that frequent feedback has a significant, positive impact on work output. In this course, you'll get the skills you need to constructively give positive reinforcement and corrective input.

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One Day Virtual Course:

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Thinking Strategically

How to Resist the Circle of Habit and Generate Breakthroughs for Your Team

Thinking strategically is critical for moving organizations forward, and yet 96% of leaders report they are too busy reacting to day-to-day management issues to think strategically (HBR). Designed and facilitated by seasoned business leaders, this virtual course will teach you to resist the pull of your routines so you can ask the right questions, spark innovation, navigate uncertainty, and take advantage of strategic opportunities.

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One Day Virtual Course:

November 9, 2023The Persimmon Group8:30 AM - 4:30 PM CTCapacity Limited

Meet Some of Our Facilitators

  • Unlocked New Insights.“Amazingly enough, my favorite part was the ability to have 1:1 chats about certain topics or ideas that were shared in class with other people in the session using the chat feature in Zoom. I learned some things about myself and how I'm perceived, and shared similar feedback with others. Well done all around.”Matt B.Williams Companies
  • Perfect.“The pacing of the virtual class was great—it didn't feel rushed, there were little to no technical difficulties. The content was perfect.”Brittany W. Arvest Bank
  • The instructor was amazing!

    She was so great at answering questions and making them relatable.

    Christine D. NavSystems Management
  • Highly Engaging. “The instructor was great, the content was applicable to my daily life, and everything was broken down into digestible pieces. I'm taking my notes back with me to review and apply today!”Laci L.ONEOK
  • Actionable. Practical. Important.“Strategic thinking is a very squishy topic, and something a majority of us are not taught to do. Persimmon's class provided some structure and actionable recommendations that will benefit my career, my company, and my personal knowledge. Thank you for the time and knowledge!”Arden P.Bank of Oklahoma


What is a virtual Persimmon event like?2021-08-27T18:21:38-05:00

We know you’ll love our virtual learning experiences! Just like a physical classroom, you’ll see and speak to your instructor, participate in discussions and small group activities, and follow along in a writable PDF workbook so you can take notes and reference them later.

Your instructor will also be available to you between sessions and after the course to answer questions, PLUS you’ll get access to electronic copies of all the documents we recommend you use to keep your projects on track.

Do you offer custom training?2021-08-27T18:28:40-05:00

Yes!  Persimmon realizes not every organization is the same. That is why we will work with you to build custom courses that address your unique needs with our content modules.

What platform do you use for virtual courses?2021-08-27T18:20:33-05:00

The Persimmon Group uses Zoom for all learning events, with multiple security protocols in place to ensure a safe and private event. Zoom allows you to participate on the web (without downloading additional software) if desired.

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