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Slide Design for Everyone REPLAY

Having great presentation content isn't enough anymore! No matter how amazing your presentation outline is, if your deck isn't compelling, you could potentially lose the interest of your audience.

According to research compiled by 3M, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. The reality is, the more compelling your presentation is, the better your audience will grasp the message. But how do you architect your presentation to ensure you are making maximum impact? Between color selection and crafting your layout, how do you know which elements to choose?

In this FREE lunch and learn replay, discover seven techniques you can apply immediately to enhance your decks, captivate your audience, and illuminate your content. Watch the replay from our world-class presentation and instructional design expert to learn their best tips for more engaging presentations. Also, when you are done, check out our Instructional Design page to learn many of the ways we can save you precious time and energy while ensuring your training delivers its intended results.


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About the Author: Ramond Walker

Ramond Walker
Ramond is the visual genius behind many of our print and digital learning materials. His background in marketing, branding, and visual design combine to make him a powerhouse member of our Instructional Design team.

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