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Storytelling with Data: How to Present with Impact and Clarity

Are your presentations putting people to sleep?

Great stories change minds, inspire action, and speed up decision-making. But a poorly crafted narrative kills the impact of your message and leaves the audience uncertain and confused.

Unfortunately, too many presenters bury their best insights beneath mountains of irrelevant data and confusing visuals. The result? A tangled mess of facts and graphs that fail to change minds and inspire action. The best presenters know that data should tell a compelling story, not bore your audience. Storytelling with data takes instinct and skill, and this powerful workshop will help you hone both and dramatically up-level your next presentation.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Simplify complex stories in a compelling way.
  • Visualize data so that it is memorable and effective.
  • Ensure your presentation will result in better executive understanding.


All Professionals


Intermediate, Advanced


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Course Length

1 Day

Course Includes

Participant Workbook, Course Handouts and Supplies, Certificate for PDU/CEU Credits

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SHRM Recertification Provider

Actionable. Practical. Important.

Strategic thinking is a very squishy topic, and something a majority of us are not taught to do. Persimmon's class provided some structure and actionable recommendations that will benefit my career, my company, and my personal knowledge. Thank you for the time and knowledge!
Arden P.
Bank of Oklahoma

Unlocked New Insights.

Amazingly enough, my favorite part was the ability to have 1:1 chats about certain topics or ideas that were shared in class with other people in the session using the chat feature in Zoom. I learned some things about myself and how I'm perceived, and shared similar feedback with others. Well done all around.
Matt B.
Williams Companies


The pacing of the virtual class was great—it didn't feel rushed, there were little to no technical difficulties. The content was perfect.
Brittany W.
Arvest Bank

The instructor was amazing!

She was so great at answering questions and making them relatable.

Christine D. 
NavSystems Management

Highly Engaging.

The instructor was great, the content was applicable to my daily life, and everything was broken down into digestible pieces. I'm taking my notes back with me to review and apply today!
Laci L.

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