Did You Know?

The Persimmon Group can support you with high-quality professionals, for a variety of project-oriented roles.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been helping our clients execute projects, manage disruption, and maintain their edge by delivering the highest-quality project support.

Whether you need short-term, long-term, part-time, or full-time help, we can help you build or round out your existing project team with a variety of project leadership or support roles.

We support a variety of project types in many industries, including:

  • Digital transformation projects
  • New system requirements gathering, selection, and implementation
  • Legacy ERP replacements
  • Manufacturing or product development projects
  • Business or process change

Here’s What This Means For You:

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Save Time

Don’t spin your wheels going through interview after interview to find the right resource. With our experienced practitioners vetting talent for your specific project needs, we save you time while ensuring you get the best people for your team.

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Gain Expertise

At no additional cost to you, our project support team has access to Persimmon’s rich community of practice—a network of consultants, tools, templates, ideas and discussion to ensure your project has access to best practices and emerging trends to support your outcomes.

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Ensure Results

Stop settling for less, and start getting more! We don’t overwhelm you with 10-20 unqualified candidates— we give you right-fit options, and save you time (and valuable resources) every step of the way.

We’ve provided project resources across a variety of sectors including

Energy | Manufacturing | State Governments | Municipalities | Banking & Finance | Non-Profit | Healthcare

Roles We Fill:

Business Analyst

Project Manager

Project Coordinator

Training Lead

Business Management Lead

Testing Quality Lead

Three of the Most Common Reasons Customers Hire Us for Contracting:

Highly Complex (Enterprise) Projects or Troubled Projects

You’re facing a highly complex effort and don’t have the internal experience and expertise to confidently execute. When business change and disruption management are pivotal components of the project, our experienced project leaders can help.

Staff Augmentation

Is your project team missing a critical role or skill set? We can work with you to bridge the gap. In addition to project management roles, we can help fill positions in business analysis, organizational change management, testing, and training.


When you’re short-staffed and need more bandwidth to keep your project moving, we can provide excellent short-term support on either a full-time or part-time basis.

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