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Evolve Your Project Delivery Capabilities

Project management is the art and science of doing what you’ve never done before. That’s why projects are so critical to your organization’s evolution. Our innovative project management consultants are here to support you through every aspect of delivering exceptional programs and projects.

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Our PM Consultants Can Help

Whether rescuing a project that is off course or developing methodologies to enable future project success, we have the expertise and the track record to get you there.

PM For Organizations

Build stronger project delivery performance across your organization.

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PM For Projects

Get the support you need for a specific project or program.

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Advance your organization’s PM capabilities through learning.

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Project Staffing

Quickly and effectively enhance your team.

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Project Management for Any Situation

We recognize that every organization looks, behaves and performs differently, and we tailor our project management approach accordingly.

For nearly two decades, The Persimmon Group has helped solve our customer’s toughest project management problems with speed, precision, and impact.

Our collective project management experience includes projects large and small, domestic and international in scope—involving multiple vendors and system solutions—with capital budgets over $1 billion.

Our expertise spans a variety of delivery approaches, including traditional (predictive), agile, and hybrid lifecycles.

Regardless of your challenge, we are here as your partner, to build something that works and will work for a long time.

Ready to take your projects to the next level? We can help you uncover hidden challenges that have been holding your back, so that your people, processes, and tools are built for lasting success. Most importantly, we will make sure everything we do together supports your organization’s strategy and culture.

How you invest your company’s resources now, can make or break your future. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a reliable and objective way to evaluate, and move forward, with your company’s most important priorities and investments.

When it comes to important projects, the impact of change is often considered too late. As a result, initiatives that were meant to be beneficial can accidentally trigger painful and unintended consequences. Let us help you incorporate a change management strategy earlier and more effectively, to ensure your project success.

Thinking of “going Agile”? There are many compelling reasons to embrace this project management approach. But there are also many reasons organizations stumble when it comes to an effective Agile transition. Let us help you thoughtfully incorporate Agile in a way that works for your specific goals, for your business, and your culture.

Want a highly effective and resilient PMO? We can help identify your biggest threats and opportunities, share most relevant best practices, and orient you to emerging trends. Becoming a best-in-class PMO starts here.

Request for Proposal (RFP) mistakes are surprisingly common and costly. But they are highly avoidable. Let us ensure the success of your project, starting with your RFP. Our expertise and collaborative approach can help you learn and implement vital RFP practices for lasting success.

Every day well-intended projects fail. The root of project challenges can be as varied and unique as your organization. The same goes for the most ideal solution. We combine our project management expertise, with our experience helping a wide variety of organization sizes and types, to provide a pathway to project success that works for you.

Concerned that your project is veering off course? Whether through an informal “health check” or more formal project audit, we can help you evaluate a project’s performance. We work with your team to examine both tangible and intangible aspects of project performance, including project team dynamics, vendor management, and project control points to implement vital improvements now and in the future.

Want to ensure that your project is given the best chances for immediate and lasting success? You’ll need to artfully lead people through the change associated with your project, so they can embrace it instead of resist it. Let us equip you with the skills and practices necessary to make sure the time, money, and resources invested in your project pay off.

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