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About The Persimmon Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate hard work that gets you nowhere, so you can invest your energy in the things that matter most.

It’s time to work smarter. We need a new paradigm in business, a future where organizations thrive on every level. We believe it’s possible for businesses to achieve new levels of impact and profitability, and at the same time help leaders and teams feel personally successful too.

Just imagine inspired, loyal, and productive teams who flourish both inside and outside of work. Gone is the mindset that says working harder is the only way to “get it done.”

It’s time for a new way forward.

Who We Are

You can think of us as the Special Ops of consulting.

Over our nearly two decades of operation, we’ve developed a reputation for helping solve our customers’ toughest problems with speed, precision and impact—even amid rapid change and high uncertainty.

We deploy an experienced team—with the right blend of expertise—to collaboratively and creatively solve your toughest leadership, strategy & execution challenges.

What Makes Us Different

We are here as your partners, to build something that works and will work for a long time.

Persimmon picks up where off the shelf, one size fits all solutions often fail. While tools and frameworks can be helpful, they can easily create unintended consequences if they are not tailored to you and your organization.

We partner our experience with your organizational knowledge and insight to provide a fresh perspective on the best path forward. We believe the best solutions are ones that are built to last, that consider your company’s values and culture, and that align with your long-term vision.

We're an Award-Winning Organization

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Inc. 5000
emblem and recognition for the Mosaic Top Inclusive Workplace 2023

Meet Our Leadership

Bill fournet

ceo, founder

Bill Fournet is the Founder and CEO of The Persimmon Group. His experience in managing high-performance teams has directly influenced the unique business philosophy and atmosphere of Persimmon.

When not delivering international keynotes or advising Persimmon clients, Bill can be found backpacking challenging trails across the country with the Boy Scouts of America.

Sara Gallagher


Sara Gallagher is the President of The Persimmon Group, responsible for strategy and operations across all practice areas. She began her career in Project Management, as a passionate advocate for leading projects “with both sides of the brain.”

A Tulsa native who returned after graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, her favorite place to be now is at home with a good book, her husband, and two daughters.

Josh Miller Headshot

Josh Miller

Vice President of Business Development

Josh Miller leads Persimmon’s business development efforts, from marketing to sales to everything in between.

An Atlanta native, he now calls Tulsa home with his wife and two boys. There is nothing he loves more than being outdoors with his family, whether at a Lacrosse game, baseball tournament, or the lake.

Amy Joy

Vice President of Finance

Amy Joy is responsible for the overall planning and management of Persimmon’s financials, including invoicing and financial contract management.


Originally from Chicago, Amy is a committed runner and cyclist participating in races and events across the Midwest.


Our Certifications

Hogan Certified

The Persimmon Legend

According to folklore, the severity of an upcoming winter season can be determined by examining the interior of persimmon seeds. Slicing a seed lengthwise will reveal one of three shapes in its waxy, white interior – a spoon, knife, or fork. Each signifies whether the upcoming winter will be mild, colder or intense enough to require preparing for a long difficult season.

Like the folklore, The Persimmon Group helps you see the internal dynamics of your organization, identify and resolve issues before they become problems, and capitalize on your company’s strengths in order to implement lasting solutions.

How Can We Help You?

We are a consulting firm that is expert at advising organizations about how to evolve through change, growth, and disruption.

evolve your


Drive your organization forward at the leadership level, through strategy development, executive coaching, and organizational transformation consulting.

evolve your


Deliver exceptional programs and projects through expert project management consulting and tactical project staffing support.

evolve your


Take your team’s capabilities to the next level with our public and private training programs in leadership, project management, and business essentials.