What’s a “Good” Salary for a Project Manager?

Project Management Salary

How do you know whether you’re making a competitive salary as a project manager? There’s actually a quick way to find out. If you’re a member of PMI Global, you get free access to an annual salary survey of 30,000 practitioners across the world. For each country, it provides salary ranges based on factors like […]

Are Leaders Really in the Driver’s Seat?

When leaders make decisions, we pay attention. Their decisions have very public impacts, both strategically and culturally. We hear a lot about executive decision-making, which is why it’s logical to assume that leadership teams are in the driver’s seat of organizations. But is that really true? Having worked with organizations large and small, across the […]

Should Project Managers Become Scrum Masters?

If this question isn’t on your mind already, it probably should be. According to PMI’s 2021 Pulse of the Profession report, the highest performing organizations are “gymnastic,” which means they select the best ways of working (e.g., traditional, agile, hybrid) for what the outcomes they want to achieve on a particular project. If you’re a […]

Do Long-Term Strategic Plans Still Make Sense?

long-term strategic plan

For decades, strategic planning has been conducted in 3-to-5-year cycles. Every few years, executives will crowd into conference rooms to predict and debate the future of their organizations. Visions will be written; mission statements revised. SMART goals, BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), and OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) will be haggled in painstaking detail. All […]

PMP Exam Training Request Letter [Template]

You’re convinced that you’re ready to earn your PMP® credential with The Persimmon Group’s help, and we’re so excited to work with you! Now it’s time to request approval from your boss. You know the benefits, but now you need to communicate the return on investment to your organization. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! […]

Which PMBOK® Guide Should I Study for the PMP® Exam?

It’s a question that PMP® aspirants are still asking nearly a year after the release of the 7th edition—does the new PMP® exam use the 6th or 7th edition of the PMBOK® Guide? Rumors and misinformation abound, and it’s no wonder. In 2020-2021, PMI released a series of significant changes in quick succession. For example: […]

How to Apply for the PMP® Exam : Application Tips and Requirements

How to Apply for the PMP® Exam : Application Tips and Requirements Are you ready to begin the journey to becoming a certified Project Management Professional? Before you can take the PMP® certification exam, you’ll need to complete an application so that the Project Management Institute (PMI) can validate your years of experience and education […]

Getting Your PMP: FAQs Answered

FAQ PMP Certification

Are you thinking about getting your PMP® certification? Whether you’re just beginning to explore the process or are in the final stages of writing your application, this article contains important information you need to know about this significant credential. What is the PMP credential? The PMP® (Project Management Professional) designation is a globally recognized certification […]

Situation Report (SITREP) Template

What is a Situation Report?  The Situation Report (SITREP) is a form of status reporting that provides decision-makers and readers a quick understanding of the current situation. It provides a clear, concise understanding of the situation—focusing on meaning or context, in addition to the facts. It does not assume the reader can infer what is […]

Six (Not So) SMART Goals Mistakes You Could Be Making—and How to Fix Them

If you’ve been in the professional world for more than a few years, chances are high that you’ve been encouraged to utilize SMART goals to enhance your performance. Developed in 1981 by a consultant and former executive for the Washington Water Power Company, SMART goals are now virtually gospel in executive circles. But when it comes […]

Outcomes-Driven Leadership: Put an End to Action Without Progress

Outcomes-Driven Leadership: Put an End to Action Without Progress Struggling to move the needle on your strategy? It could be the result of a faulty “goals-first” approach. Our culture pays a lot of attention to goals. SMART Goals, BHAGs, OKR’s, and many other frameworks are dedicated to giving your organization clear, measurable direction. But by themselves, […]

The Six Thinking Hats and How to Use Them

Six Thinking Hats and how to Use Them

How Do You Make Decisions? What is your natural approach to decision-making? Do you have an instinctive “feel” for what should be done? Or do you take ample time to analyze data and understand the problem before making a move? Evidence shows that the best decisions are made when we have mechanisms in place to […]