Private Classes

We have a full catalog of private classes that we can deliver and tailor especially for your group.

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Custom Courses

We build custom courses to fit your organization’s development needs using our PM content.

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Public Classes

We offer a variety of virtual and in-person learning experiences to the public. See what is coming up next!

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Client-Centered, Custom Project Management Courses

Learn about what makes our approach different from the typical Project Management Consulting firm.

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Experts who understand you.

Our coaches are highly experienced, practicing project managers and experts who can speak directly to your unique environment and experience level.

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Results that empower you.

Our goal is not to “give you fish,” but to “teach you to fish.” We want you to be self-sufficient, and our aim is to create the biggest, most lasting impact, as quickly as possible.

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Solutions that are actually implementable.

Our holistic approach ensures your custom training translates into meaningful change. We take into consideration a variety of factors, including your culture, so you can apply what you learn, without unnecessary friction or unintended consequences.

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