Project management coaching program

Unlocking Project Leadership

Elevate your best project managers into project leaders.

Imagine A World Where

Your project managers don't just follow, they lead.
Where they don't just manage, they inspire.


Unlocking Project Leadership

10 Weeks to Think Like a Project Leader

A transformative small group coaching program for experienced project managers and professionals who are ready to ascend to the top 10% of their profession.

Led by expert coaches who lead participants through key principles and insider practices they share with their executive clients.

Designed to empower PMs to lead with confidence, influence without authority, and create a lasting impact.

How It Works


Learn innovative strategies that executives use to lead at the top of their game.

Before each session, PMs will read a short excerpt from our signature guide “Unlocking Project Leadership,” which will challenge existing beliefs and expand their thinking about project leadership.


Discover profound insights through expert mentorship and and group discussion.

An Executive Coach will facilitate a powerful group discussion that will allow participants to uncover hidden insights that strengthen leadership in simple and profound ways.


Take focused action to apply new lessons in a real working environment.

To achieve maximum growth, after each session participants will take new, focused action and capture their results and key learnings to share with the coach & group. 

Who It's For

This Coaching Program is Perfect for Ambitious Professionals Who:

Seek to elevate their leadership capabilities and drive exceptional outcomes.

Are Ready to grow into becoming an impactful and inspiring project leader.

Are ready to unlock the "X-factor" that makes them invaluable to their organization.

What We'll Cover

Each week we focus on a new topic for next-level project leadership.


Strategic Thinking

What it means to think like a project CEO.


Influence Without Authority

Become a Person People Will Follow



Implement Powerful Strategies to Align Your Team



Unlock Superior Team Performance



Build a Culture of Real Ownership


Decision Making

Leverage Your Intuition for Better, Faster Action



Prepare for Risk and Overcome Obstacles



Harness Imagination for Unimaginable Results


Disciplined Execution

Balance Change, Speed, and Flexibility



Make a Lasting Impact

Ready to get started?

Take the first step towards unparalleled project management success!

What Project Leader's Are Saying

Fantastic Program!

“This was a fantastic program! I experienced growth and enlightenment in a number of leadership areas that will serve me well into the future, regardless of my role.”

- Program Alum

Meet Some of Our Coaches

Senior Consultant


Principal Consultant


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Principal Consultant



Frequently Asked Questions

Access to our signature guide “Unlocking Project Leadership.”

Expert mentorship from seasoned executive coaches.

Engaging group discussions with fellow project managers.

A structured framework to apply learnings in real-time.

A transformative journey to elevate your leadership capabilities to the top 10% of your profession.

The program incorporates the best of coaching with expert-led group discussions and mentorship, while also providing structured training modules.

The program is conducted as live-virtual coaching, allowing participants from various locations to engage seamlessly.

The program is a transformative 10-week coaching experience. Before each session, participants read an excerpt from our guide, “Unlocking Project Leadership.” This sets the stage for the expert-facilitated group discussions where participants uncover invaluable leadership insights. Post-session, participants are prompted to take action, applying the lessons in their working environments, and then capturing results to share in subsequent sessions.

Yes, the program is designed to be immersive and consecutive to ensure a consistent learning experience and to foster group cohesion.

This program is ideal for experienced project managers and professionals poised to ascend to the pinnacle of their profession. If you’re ready to think like a Project CEO and harness the “X-factor” that organizations desire, this program is for you.

Participants can expect a commitment of 2-3 hours per week. This time is spent on readings, group sessions, and practical application of learnings.

To maintain an intimate and productive learning environment, we limit the size of each group. Specific numbers can be provided upon request.

While not mandatory, collaboration within the cohort is encouraged. This enhances the learning experience and allows participants to glean insights from varied perspectives.

Our coaches are industry veterans who share the key principles and practices they’ve imparted to their executive clientele. Further details about individual coaches can be provided upon inquiry.


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