Leadership Development

The Art of Delegation & Accountability

Most leaders struggle to navigate the natural tension between effective delegation and micromanagement.

New leaders often ask, “How do I hold people accountable for their actions without being overbearing?” To many of us, it can feel more comfortable to do the work ourselves instead of delegating.

This course will teach you the ins and outs of good delegating—when and how to delegate, to whom, and why. You’ll learn how to determine the strengths and opportunities of each team member, and how delegation can help their development. You’ll practice setting clear desired outcomes, boundaries, and expectations.

We will also discuss frequency of checking in to both support and hold accountable those to whom tasks have been delegated as well as how to handle things if the employee isn’t achieving the desired result.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Assess your current activities to determine what should be delegated.
  • Set clear expectations and desired results when delegating.
  • Create accountability without micromanaging.


Current and Emerging Leaders


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


PMP® Contact Hours:

Course Length

Half Day

Course Includes

Participant Workbook, Course Handouts and Supplies, Certificate for PDU/CEU Credits

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SHRM Recertification Provider

Actionable. Practical. Important.

Strategic thinking is a very squishy topic, and something a majority of us are not taught to do. Persimmon's class provided some structure and actionable recommendations that will benefit my career, my company, and my personal knowledge. Thank you for the time and knowledge!
Arden P.
Bank of Oklahoma

Unlocked New Insights.

Amazingly enough, my favorite part was the ability to have 1:1 chats about certain topics or ideas that were shared in class with other people in the session using the chat feature in Zoom. I learned some things about myself and how I'm perceived, and shared similar feedback with others. Well done all around.
Matt B.
Williams Companies


The pacing of the virtual class was great—it didn't feel rushed, there were little to no technical difficulties. The content was perfect.
Brittany W.
Arvest Bank

The instructor was amazing!

She was so great at answering questions and making them relatable.

Christine D. 
NavSystems Management

Highly Engaging.

The instructor was great, the content was applicable to my daily life, and everything was broken down into digestible pieces. I'm taking my notes back with me to review and apply today!
Laci L.

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