Managing Difficult Relationships

How to Navigate High-Impact, High-Effort Stakeholders

No matter what kind of work you do, relationships with people are essential to doing it.

Unfortunately, we rarely get to choose who we work with—and it’s often the case that our most important stakeholders are also difficult to work with.

The good news is that there are targeted tools, techniques, and practices that can help you survive (and thrive) in these challenging relationships. This 1-day course will focus on helping you learn and practice these skills to turn down the temperature and work productively with tough stakeholders.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Reveal the hidden motivations driving emotional response in your key project stakeholders
  • Apply principles of EQ to your relationship decision-making, influence, and persuasion abilities
  • Pre-emptively set the stage for a healthy relationship dynamic
  • Recognize and respond to potential relationship hazards
  • Effectively navigate challenging emotions to avoid costly mistakes

Course Includes:

  • Participant Workbook
  • Course Handouts & Supplies,
  • Certificate for PDU/CEU Credits

Real Interaction, Real Results​


Whether in-person or virtual, you’ll see, hear, and speak to your instructor and fellow participants throughout the event, in both large and small group discussions.


Class size is limited to allow for rich discussion, reflection, and practice throughout the course. Get immediate in-class feedback on the skills as you practice them.


Our courses are taught by highly experienced facilitators with broad industry experience, so they can speak directly to your unique challenges and experience level.

Warm and Inclusive.

"The class atmosphere was so inclusive! I often attend classes and don't have a sense of belonging, but did not experience that with this class. It was interactive rather than a lecture. Our instructor knew when to let us discuss ideas vs. 'instructing' us. Persimmon knocked it out of the park!"

MarShondria A.

Lynn, Jackson, Schultz & Lebrun, P.C.
Meet Your Instructor

Abbie Peraza

principal consultant

Abbie Peraza is a Principal Consultant and Advisor at The Persimmon Group. An accomplished and innovative global business strategist, Abbie has more than 20 years of experience leading cross-cultural teams to analyze new markets, design products, and manage marketing campaigns to drive sales.

Abbie’s work as a facilitator and coach focuses on improving team performance through an Agile mindset, putting people at the center of decision-making and leadership. Abbie also focuses on helping leaders grow holistically across many dimensions of performance, personal and professional. As Abbie likes to say,”I believe there is no such thing as work/life balance…it’s all just life!”

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