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Supercharge your team's performance with fun and competition! Our games and simulations are designed to reveal your team's natural behaviors and dynamics, leading to deep discussion about how to move forward. Every game and simulation, from our tech-enabled TeamUp to our fast-paced simulation LinkXs, pushes past traditional team building to uncover what is really holding your team back.

Our Serious Games & Tools

Our engaging and thought-provoking serious games and leadership development tools equip your organization for future challenges. From enhancing teamwork and decision-making to creating a secure space for experimentation and learning, our games consistently help our clients yield outstanding outcomes.


Boost team productivity by developing a culture that values collaboration and embraces feedback.

TeamUP thrives on intense collaboration and feedback, recognizing that each team member plays a part in enhancing overall performance. Using a twist on the familiar game “Battleship,” we create a bridge to real work scenarios, introducing complexity gradually. 

The game guides team discussions that deliver invaluable learning, underlining the importance of feedback in achieving individual and collective success.


Break down silos to help teams tackle their projects with a spirit of openness, collaboration, and self-organization.

LinkXs challenges team members to collaborate in solving complex 2D & 3D puzzles, generating enthusiasm in a dynamic environment while revealing familiar, natural behaviors around communication, collaboration, and self-direction.

With our coaches, participants engage in guided self-reflection, yielding valuable insights that can be applied to enhance workplace effectiveness.


Team Flow Index

Team Flow Index (TFI) is a powerful tool designed to elevate the performance of leadership and executive teams.

Team Flow Index (TFI) helps leadership teams identify team-specific critical success factors and uncover variances in those factors within the group.

Whether your goal is to enhance team performance, achieve team objectives more efficiently, or foster improved collaboration, this versatile tool can provide valuable assistance. 

In the session, teams uncover areas where they are aligned or misaligned, and together with our coaches, they create action plans to address the outcomes. Grounded in qualitative and quantitative factors, TFI offers a fact-based and actionable model to drive positive team outcomes.

Play With Purpose.
Win With Impact.

Our games act as catalysts, transforming individual efforts into significant organizational achievements. Our approach is designed to harness the power of enhanced collaboration and problem-solving, directly boosting your productivity and efficiency. This isn't just about achieving goals faster; it's about doing it more effectively.

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Join us in this exciting journey of team development and experience the change that Serious Games can bring to your organization. Contact us to schedule your game or learn more about how we can customize an experience for your team's unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Our Persimmon team has an exceptionally low tolerance for cheesy team-building games. Even our most playful game, LinkXs, turns out to be a profound experience, revealing natural team behaviors and facilitating powerful debriefs.

We offer a variety of games to amplify team development and collaboration. We can consult with you to help you choose the perfect game that aligns with your team’s goals and challenges.

Most games take between 1-4 hours, including the debrief afterward.

All Serious Games are facilitated by our expert facilitators. As they say, “You can’t read the label from inside the bottle,” so we provide a vital outside perspective.

Yes, of course! Our facilitators are practicing Executive and Leadership Team coaches who can work with your team ongoing.

They are experienced Organizational Dynamics experts with real-world executive experience.

These games are serious about giving you a serious return on investment.

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