Transform Your Teams Forever with Games. Seriously.

Serious Gaming uses play (and team psychology) to drive lasting change.

Why Serious Games?

Serious games are designed to uncover your team’s natural behaviors in a safe environment that inspires joy, forges bonds, and fosters permanent learning.

With the help of a skilled leadership coach, your teams will identify:

Hidden Behaviors That Limit or Enhance Performance

Surprising New Ways of Relating to Each Other

Tangible Actions to Unlock Next-Level Performance

Engage Chronically Distracted Audiences

Serious Games engage participants mentally and emotionally to cut through distractions and make an impact, whether the game is played virtually or in person.

Facilitate Breakthrough Conversations

Drive Lasting Change

How It Works

1. Play the game

As your team plays the game, the process will draw out their natural, instinctive under-pressure behaviors…in an engaging environment that makes time fly.

2. Debrief with Your Facilitator

After the game, your facilitator will help you uncover personalized insights to make your team stronger and more productive

3. Transform your team

With the support of your facilitator, you will turn your new insights into strategic action and meaningful change.

4. Play Again

While one game can fundamentally change the way you operate for the better, many growth-hungry clients choose to play more! 

These games are serious about giving you a serious return on investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of games to amplify team development and collaboration. We can consult with you to help you choose the perfect game that aligns with your team’s goals and challenges.

Most games take between 1-4 hours, including the debrief afterward.

All Serious Games are facilitated by our expert facilitators. As they say, “You can’t read the label from inside the bottle,” so we provide a vital outside perspective.

Yes, of course! Our facilitators are practicing Executive and Leadership Team coaches who can work with your team ongoing.

They are experienced Organizational Dynamics experts with real-world executive experience.

Excited to get started? Tell us a little bit about your team...

(We'll get right back to you)