Status Report Template

Status Report Project Management Tool

Status Report Project Management ToolThe purpose of this the status report template is for the project manager to effectively communicate project status at regular intervals to project stakeholders.   This template allows the project manager to formally report on project progress against the project baseline, while also highlighting overall accomplishments and risks. Our Status Report template provides a one-page update to how the project is performing.  The frequency of status reporting should be agreed upon by the project manager and the team and/or sponsor (typically, it is weekly or bi-weekly).


NOTE: The template may be used as a workbook to maintain the status report record by copying the Status Report worksheet for each report, and labeling the worksheet tab with the status reporting date.

Overview and Instructions for the Status Report Template

Project Health

  • Select the indicator for the health of the project from the five categories: Scope, Schedule, Cost, Risk, and Quality.

Percent Complete

  • Note the percentage completion (in duration or effort/work) of the project.


  • Document any comments or explanations to share with the reader/sponsor.

Significant Accomplishments This Period

  • List any key actions or events that occurred since the previous status report.

Significant Accomplishments Next Period

  • List any key actions or events that are scheduled to occur prior to the next status report.


  • List any issues affecting the project scope, schedule, cost, or quality.

High Risks

  • List any risks that could affect the project scope, schedule, cost, or quality substantially.
  • If there are Mitigation (prevention or reduction) actions to the risk, note them.

Milestone Major Deliverable Dates

  • List any key events and/or dates for the project.
  • Provide the Planned Start and Finish dates, along with the current Forecasted or the Actual Completion dates.
  • The status indicator may be used to signify if the milestone is on target, missed its target, or in jeopardy of missing its target.
  • If the dates are dependent on other key events (e.g. project approval), then the dates may be noted as “+ x days” (e.g. + 4months) to demonstrate the duration once the prior event completes.

Open Change Requests

  • If there are any open change requests to modify the approved scope, schedule, cost, or quality, then list them, along with their status.


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