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Our business essentials training gives you the foundational skills your people need to stay resilient to disruption, blending proven techniques with emerging business practices.

Real Interaction, Real Results​


Whether in-person or virtual, you’ll see, hear, and speak to your instructor and fellow participants throughout the event, in both large and small group discussions.


Class size is limited to allow for rich discussion, reflection, and practice throughout the course. Get immediate in-class feedback on the skills as you practice them.


Our courses are taught by highly experienced facilitators with broad industry experience, so they can speak directly to your unique challenges and experience level.

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Thinking Strategically

Thinking strategically is critical for moving organizations forward, and yet 96% of leaders report they are too busy reacting to day-to-day management issues to think strategically (HBR). Designed and facilitated by seasoned business leaders, this course will teach you to resist the pull of your routines so you can ask the right questions, spark innovation, navigate uncertainty, and take advantage of strategic opportunities


Bill Fournet Headshot

Bill Fournet

Executive Facilitator

For more than 25 years, Bill Fournet has transformed thousands of people and project teams across the globe with his training, consulting, and in-demand keynote speaking programs. Bill’s greatest passion is helping teams perform their best, while recovering time to focus on what they love.

Sara Gallagher Headshot

Sara Gallagher

Executive Facilitator

President of The Persimmon Group, Sara travels the globe engaging audiences with her unique speaking style, drawing from her own experiences in the fields of project management and organizational effectiveness to test what we think we know about leadership.

Abbie Peraza

Executive Facilitator

Abbie Peraza is a Principal Consultant at The Persimmon Group with over 20 years of experience in global business strategy. She focuses on  people-centered decision-making to improve team performance and help leaders grow in all dimensions. 

Warm and Inclusive.

"The class atmosphere was so inclusive! I often attend classes and don't have a sense of belonging, but did not experience that with this class. It was interactive rather than a lecture. Our instructor knew when to let us discuss ideas vs. 'instructing' us. Persimmon knocked it out of the park!"

MarShondria A.

Lynn, Jackson, Schultz & Lebrun, P.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ll love our virtual learning experiences! Just like a physical classroom, you’ll see and speak to your instructor, participate in discussions and small group activities, and follow along in a writable PDF workbook so you can take notes and reference them later.

Your instructor will also be available to you between sessions and after the course to answer questions, PLUS you’ll get access to electronic copies of all the documents we recommend you use to keep your projects on track.


Yes!  Persimmon realizes not every organization is the same. That is why we will work with you to build custom courses that address your unique needs with our content modules.


The Persimmon Group uses Zoom for all learning events, with multiple security protocols in place to ensure a safe and private event. Zoom allows you to participate on the web (without downloading additional software) if desired.

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We’ll let you know about our class schedule and newest courses.