PMP Exam Training Request Letter [Template]

You’re convinced that you’re ready to earn your PMP® credential with The Persimmon Group’s help, and we’re so excited to work with you! Now it’s time to request approval from your boss. You know the benefits, but now you need to communicate the return on investment to your organization. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Use our training request letter to help your manager understand what the PMP® certification can do for you and your company.

Training Request Letter Template

Hi [Manager Name],

I would like to attend The Persimmon Group’s PMP® Exam Prep training course on [insert dates here] as my next step toward achieving PMP® certification by [choose a date within 45 days of completing the class]. Although I already have [#] years of practical experience in the field of project management, I’m eager to round out my knowledge and experience by obtaining this important, globally acknowledged certification in my field.

With a worldwide network of over 700,000 PMP® credential holders, the PMP® certification is recognized as a highly sought-after certification in project management. It confirms a candidate’s competence to perform the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams.

[Our company name] can benefit from my certification in these important ways: [Adjust the reasons below according to which are relevant to your industry.]

The marketplace, particularly in the U.S., is demanding the PMP®. CIO Magazine ranked the PMP® credential as the “gold standard” in project management certifications. Steve DelGrosso, director of IBM’s Project Management Center of Excellence, summed up the customer demand for PMP® as follows:


Going back five or six years, IBM has seen requests for proposals where the clients are demanding certified project managers be part of the proposal. If you can’t present a certified project manager on their deal, they won’t consider you.”


  • PMP® Certification ensures we speak the same business language as our customers, clients, partners, and vendors.

A project team’s ability to effectively communicate is widely recognized as a key driver of project success or failure.  For this reason, our ability to speak a common business language is critical to staying on a level playing field with vendors, customers, partners, and competitors. Since the PMP® is an internationally recognized global framework, this business language will translate even when working in a highly globalized work environment.


  • PMP® is shown to lead to better project outcomes for employers.

PMI’s Pulse of the Profession study revealed that companies that use at least 1/3 of credentialed project managers complete more of their projects on time, on budget, and meeting original goals. As a PMP® credential holder and member of PMI, I’ll have access to similar research produced throughout the year that can help us get better at delivering value through project management.


  • PMP® certification requires ongoing professional development.

Obtaining PMP® certification will provide a formal path for me to evolve, enhance, and grow a variety of skills, including technical, leadership, and strategic skills.


The next step for me to earn the PMP® credential is to prepare for the exam.  I’ve researched several options and found a thorough course flexible enough to fit into my schedule and relevant to my position.  Here is a link to more information on the training program I’m interested in: PMP Exam Prep with The Persimmon Group.

For the cost of $1695, I will receive:

  • 35 hours of live exam prep instruction
  • 90-day access to The PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator™ software
  • Student manual, including practice quizzes, exercises, and study materials
  • A full practice exam with questions provided by PMI
  • 10% off all public Persimmon classes offered within 1 year of completing the prep course, which can help me earn the PDUs needed to maintain certification

The class also comes with a commitment that if I attend every class and take the PMP®exam within 45 days, I will pass. If I do not, I can take the next PMP® exam prep course for free or work individually with the instructor to focus specifically on trouble areas of the exam.

I hope you will consider this training and development opportunity. I’d love to go over any questions you have about the training program. Please let me know when you are available to discuss it further.

Kind regards,
Your Name


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*This post was updated July, 2022

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