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Are you ready to tackle the challenges holding back your PMO? Curious if your current practices are consistent with exceptional practices across the industry? Through collaborative consulting that aligns our knowledge of best practices & emerging trends with your desired vision, we can help you become a best-in-class PMO.

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According to the Association of Project Management, 50 percent or more of PMOs have failed during the first three years of their existence. Too many PMOs fall victim to common but costly mistakes, like choosing the wrong type of PMO for their organization, having an unclear vision, and lacking the marketing strategy required to be competitive in the marketplace. Let us help you establish your PMO like a pro.

  • Identify the type of PMO that is most appropriate for your goals​
  • Develop an effective strategy to launch your PMO​
  • Gain stakeholder support by demonstrating the value of your PMO to project results​

An outside perspective can change everything. When you’re too close to a situation, it can be easy to miss crucial opportunities to unlock your PMO’s full potential.

We can help you build a plan to achieve more rapid progress toward the most important outcomes for your PMO.​

  • Deeply and objectively assess how your PMO can best support your strategy​
  • Identify opportunities to unlock your PMO’s full potential​
  • Establish an actionable roadmap to successfully implement your vision​

With the right strategy and support, your PMO can be a celebrated leader in your industry. We can combine our expert knowledge with your vision and skills to help you stay at the leading edge of innovation, at the top of your game.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends in project delivery​
  • Uncover how your PMO can leverage new ideas for optimal performance​
  • Establish your organization as a leading voice in industry conversations​

Meet Some Of Our Consultants



A data ninja with a passion for people, Ashley supports our PM team as both a project manager and an HR Information Systems Analyst, specializing in HRIS implementation projects. Adept at both project leadership and organizational change management, Ashley is a powerhouse asset to have on any technology or systems project.

Bill Fournet Headshot


Senior Advisor

Founder and CEO of The Persimmon Group, Bill has led strategic programs spanning years, staffed by hundreds of people, sourced globally, with budgets in excess of $10 billion. He continues to support Persimmon’s project management consulting practice as an advisor and executive-level consultant.



Carmen supports our project management consulting team as an Organizational Change consultant. Her relentless focus on stakeholder engagement, disruption management, and the needs of users means that your people will be fully prepared for the journey ahead.


Work with our interdisciplinary team of experts to solve your toughest project management challenges.