Conduct a Project Health Check

Do you have a nagging suspicion -- or know -- that your project is at risk of not meeting expectations? We help you objectively assess project performance to pinpoint the root causes of challenges, so you can take rapid action to fix the problem and prevent similar issues in the future.

Common Problems We Solve

How We Help

You know the “symptoms” of a struggling project; we can help you find the solution. Whether your project is routinely missing deadlines, over budget, or has your stakeholders stressed or frustrated, we can help pinpoint the root causes and provide simple steps to bring your project back to full health.​

  • Isolate the previously hidden root causes of your project challenges​
  • Implement action plans to quickly course correct, to achieve the desired outcome​
  • Put safeguards in place to protect your project from future disruption​

Top performers know that mentorship can dramatically accelerate growth. We can be your mentors in project management, providing an invaluable 3rd party perspective to maximize your capabilities and advantages, while minimizing your weaknesses or challenges. As a result of our work together, your PMO will be able to perform like never before.

  • Uncover hidden challenges that could sabotage long-term success​
  • Develop a roadmap to rapidly grow your PMs’ capabilities​
  • Compare your practices to industry benchmarks to identify strategic improvements​

Meet Some Of Our Consultants

Sara Gallagher Headshot


Senior Advisor

Sara is a seasoned consultant, trainer, and international speaker specializing in helping organizations better execute their big ideas. Sara has helped organizations and teams of all sizes to deliver results, from Fortune 500 corporations to lightly staffed startups.



Penny is a multifaceted professional with unique legal and project management expertise. With a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt certification, Penny thrives in complex environments and brings expertise in process improvement and innovation to every project she works on.  


Senior Consultant

Julie is a certified Project Manager and Business Analyst who leads projects and supports consulting teams within the PM practice. Our clients love Julie’s ability to keep teams moving toward the goal line, even in chaotic circumstances.


Work with our interdisciplinary team of experts to solve your toughest project management challenges.