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Poor requirements are one of the top reasons projects fail. Our experts have seen the good and bad of requirements and RFPs across systems and industries. We put our experience to work to help you avoid costly pitfalls and unnecessary headaches.

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Your RFP has huge financial stakes. If done correctly, your solution can be a huge success. Done poorly, your RFP can lead to devastating consequences, including project cancellation or legal issues.​

As experienced practitioners, we know how to help make your RFP exceptional. Let us safeguard your solution’s success, starting with an RFP that meets all of your needs, all within your constraints of schedule, quality, and budget.​

  • Avoid common and costly mistakes by leveraging Persimmon’s expertise and experience​
  • Learn how to move beyond vendor demos to a more rigorous approach that minimizes risk​
  • Kickstart your progress with proven examples and templates​

With complex projects, there are many factors needed for your project to succeed, and many reasons your project can fail, starting with your RFP.

Luckily, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when proven practices already exist, or be an RFP expert when you’re already short on time.​

We understand the art of creating exceptional RFPs, especially for high-stakes, complex projects. Let us help ensure your RFP is a success.​

  • Conduct a full stakeholder analysis to ensure all key stakeholders are consulted in the requirements process​
  • Leverage our expert business analysts to avoid costly missed requirements​
  • Perform a traceability audit to ensure final solution will meet all of your objectives​

With the right strategy and support, your PMO can be a celebrated leader in your industry. We can combine our expert knowledge with your vision and skills to help you stay at the leading edge of innovation, at the top of your game.


  • Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends in project delivery​
  • Uncover how your PMO can leverage new ideas for optimal performance​
  • Establish your organization as a leading voice in industry conversations​

Meet Some Of Our Consultants


Senior Consultant

Julie is a certified Project Manager and Business Analyst who leads projects and supports consulting teams within the PM practice. Our clients love Julie’s ability to keep teams moving toward the goal line, even in chaotic circumstances.

Bill Fournet Headshot


Senior Advisor

Founder and CEO of The Persimmon Group, Bill has led strategic programs spanning years, staffed by hundreds of people, sourced globally, with budgets in excess of $10 billion. He continues to support Persimmon’s project management consulting practice as an advisor and executive-level consultant.



Penny is a multifaceted professional with unique legal and project management expertise. With a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt certification, Penny thrives in complex environments and brings expertise in process improvement and innovation to every project she works on.  


Work with our interdisciplinary team of experts to solve your toughest project management challenges.