Project Team Dynamics

When team dynamics are broken, often poor communication, unclear roles, and low trust cause a tidal wave of unwanted challenges. We address even the most chaotic situations to help get your team—and your project—moving forward.

Common Problems We Solve

How We Help

When a project team experiences dysfunction, no matter how small, it can not only affect your project results, it can erode your company’s wellbeing.​

Common and costly problems such as diminishing productivity, quality of work, morale, and employee retention can quickly follow.​

We can help your teams evolve to deliver superior project results with efficiency and empathy.

  • Learn how to consistently put people in the right roles, to showcase their core genius​
  • Establish guiding principles to shape and strengthen how the team operates​
  • Ensure your team understands the big picture, to always work in a way that moves the needle​

Want your team to feel connection, confidence, and belonging, even in virtual or hybrid environments?​

Whether you are experiencing challenges with coordinating time zones, communicating hand-offs between tasks, maintaining productivity, collaborating on single documents, or translating your culture into virtual spaces, we can transform your results in virtual or “hybrid” environments, so that your organization can perform its very best.

  • Leverage the right technology to facilitate highly-productive meetings​
  • Establish routines and best practices to build a high-performing team in a virtual environment​
  • Understand the psychology behind successful virtual communication, to grow morale, trust, and connection​

Meet Some Of Our Consultants


Principal Consultant

As a coach and project management professional, Abbie is skilled at facilitating conversations, listening and understanding the root cause factors that can affect project success. Her secret sauce is her ability to create an atmoshere of psychological safety with clear accountability measures.


Senior Associate

With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Dynamics and experience in talent development and team coaching, Erin brings new techniques and perspectives to improving team dynamics. She is a skilled facilitator with a keen ability to uncover the interpersonal dynamics at play in teams.


Principal Consultant

Julie is a certified Project Manager and Business Analyst who leads projects and supports consulting teams within the PM practice. Our clients love Julie’s ability to keep teams moving toward the goal line, even in chaotic circumstances.


Work with our interdisciplinary team of experts to solve your toughest project management challenges.