Virtual Facilitation: What to Know Before Stepping to the Front of the (Virtual) Room

Tips for Virtual facilitation

Virtual Facilitation: What to Know Before Stepping to the Front of the (Virtual) Room Since the onset of social distancing, I’ve continued to deliver sales pitches, conduct job interviews, and facilitate formal presentations, training, and video content online. While I’m no stranger to virtual facilitation, I’ve spoken to a lot of people over the past […]

Help, I’m Working from Home! Creating Sanity for Virtual Communication.

Working from home is a dream for some. For others, the pandemic provided little choice. You may notice that you and your team are experiencing more conflict and frustration than normal. This isn’t surprising—after all, we’re not just “working from home.” As the popular meme says, we’re “at home, during a crisis, trying to work.” […]

Developing Mental Toughness in the Workplace

workplace challenges mentally tough

Whether we are embarking on a new task or continue to challenge ourselves at activities we currently do, being mentally tough is key. For example, a professional athlete not only has to be physically tough but mentally tough as well. Athletes learn from their mistakes and try again because they are not afraid of failure. […]

What Con-Artists Can Teach Us About Effective Communication

Using influence and confidence to achieve effective communication

Disclaimer:  This blog in no way condones or endorses the criminal activities of con-artists. Did you know that confident people are proven to be more influential, admired, and listened to in the workplace? No one knows this better than “confidence artists” who use their powers of perception and persuasion to exploit and swindle the unsuspecting. […]