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We can even help you determine which personal objectives your future leaders can focus on first to generate ROI that meets or exceeds the program’s investment.

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Bill FournetCEO of Persimmon Group

“Too many emerging leaders are solving their team’s problems. The best leaders create a team with the skill and the drive to consistently solve problems, both for themselves and the organization.”

Future Leaders Case Study

Client Need

A mid-sized hospitality and entertainment organization wanted to craft a Leadership Development Program that would build succession within their organization — from their current executives to “high potential” emerging leaders.

Our Solution

We created a multi-tiered development program to address the needs of different leadership levels. We worked with the client to build and pilot an approach that encompassed their values, culture, and core business drivers.

Then, over a 2+ year period, we delivered it on their behalf, ultimately transitioning the program to the organization for them to facilitate and continue to grow.

The Results

A number of their “high potentials” in the first year of the program are now successful executive leaders within their organization.

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