Executive Coaching for Individuals

Our coaches and advisors are seasoned business executives who have been in your shoes. They stand ready to provide you the guidance and support you need to not only succeed, but thrive.

How We Help Leaders Evolve

How We Help

As a leader, you want to be better: in your personal life, your work role, and as an organizational leader. Our coaching focuses on all three of these lenses to provide a holistic program to enhance your skills and knowledge, while creating balance in your priorities so you find joy.

Our coaches are experienced business leaders who bring their experiences and perspectives to take your leadership to the next level.​

  • Establish outcomes across three key areas to strengthen your performance and happiness​
  • Build an action plan to quickly achieve 30-, 90-, and 120-day improvements​
  • Regain control of your time while increasing your productivity​

You’ve led the organization to this point and are ready to step towards your next chapter in life. You want to ensure the organization has the leadership to guide its future and to focus on the legacy you leave to the next generation.

We help you start this transition by coaching you to prepare your future leaders while helping you visualize future life and the initial steps on that path.

Our coaches are experienced business leaders who bring their experiences and perspectives to take your leadership to the next level.​

  • Chart out your next chapter in your life, with a clear, actionable plan​
  • Develop a sustainable plan for your next-gen leaders to lead​
  • Build your “off ramp” to ensure a smooth exit transition​

You have a leader in your team who brings great value and has strengths, but also, has areas that are holding them back–or even detrimental to their performance.

You want them to improve how they perform in order to be their best self and improve their organization’s performance.

Our coaching program assesses their “blindspots” (those deficiencies they often are unaware they have), identifies their strengths, and provides them practical business leadership mentoring to become a stronger leader.

  • Quickly determine root causes for critical development opportunities
  • Substantially improve performance through 90- and 120-day action plans
  • Validate performance improvements through potent feedback tools​

Empower Your Leadership

With Persimmon's advisors you'll gain:


We walk through every challenge with you, ask questions that no one else is asking, and guide you to make more informed decisions.


Our advisors understand the trials you face because they have been in the trenches and experienced them firsthand.


We will help you approach strategy with a clear definition of success and a sustainable plan for implementation.

Leadership Coaching To Fit Your Needs

Our program options are designed to meet you where you have the biggest needs and are thoughtfully delivered to help you reach your outcomes.

Program Length


6 Months


12 Months


12 Months

Program Launch
Connect with your Coach and set
outcomes for your coaching program.
Leadership Assessment
Complete an in-depth,
scientifically validated
assessment of your
leadership strengths,
opportunities, derailers,
and values.
Personal Development Plan
Work with your Coach
to craft a personalized
and actionable plan
for your growth and
Advisory Coaching Sessions
Direct and amplify
your growth with
regular advisory
coaching sessions.




Inter-session Support
Personalized support
from your coach between
360 Assessments
Gain invaluable insight
from your peers, reports,
and leaders about your
strengths and opportunities.

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Schedule a complimentary call with an advisor to help you decide which program best fits your specific needs.

featured advisor


Featured Advisor

“It’s amazing to see how nurturing the skills of future leaders, even in simple and foundational ways, can have such an exponential impact on their development and success.”

Highly Recommend.

“I highly recommend Persimmon for anyone who wants to see fast and sustainable changes in both their work and personal lives. Before working with my Executive Coach I was feeling very overwhelmed. Because of coaching, I now have control over my week and my work. What I have learned from Bill has created a better balance at work and at home.”

Jessica Roberts

Operations Manager, Advanced NeuroSolutions

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