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Anyone can make a decision. The question is — are you making a good one? The speed of change requires organizations to quickly assess and adapt. By establishing clear decision-making discipline, you can not only survive but thrive.

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You started the year with a strategy and were executing it, hitting your marks. But, now you are seeing or sensing changes in your customers and/or workforce that require you to adapt.

You want the ability to quickly adjust your strategy and its initiatives without losing control.

We help your leadership team with their decision-making speed and quality to increase the organization’s agility amidst external disruption.

  • Ensure your leadership team is asking the right set of questions to turn disruption into opportunities​
  • Equip your entire organization to proactively make effective decisions, especially in times of uncertainty and change​
  • Establish frameworks to quickly make informed decisions with clarity​

You’ve communicated the strategy and its initiatives, but operationally, others within the organization make decisions and give directions that conflict with your intent.

Creating guidance to align your managers with leadership’s expectations in their judgment and actions will increase your confidence in their decision-making. You will also quickly improve your operational performance.

  • Improve decision quality within your organization so leaders focus on the “big rocks”​
  • Increase confidence that your frontlines are driving in the right direction​
  • Reduce leaders being “in the weeds” by delegating to the right level​

Does your leadership team effectively determine its priorities to ensure a smooth and aligned approach? By establishing a decision-making rhythm for prioritization, you will enable your team to operate more proactively and reduce the reactive “fire drills.”​

  • Customize a prioritization framework for clear, consistent decision-making​
  • Establish “kill criteria” to stop initiatives that will not achieve the real value​
  • Create alignment across the organization through scorecards to prevent conflicting or duplicate efforts​
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Bill Fournet Headshot

Bill Fournet

CEO of Persimmon Group

“Anyone can make a decision. The question is how well informed is your decision, and what’s the risk of making -- or not making-- it now?”​

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