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We can evolve your existing vision to a result-oriented strategy that works. That way, you can effectively execute it with good discipline. Along the way, we’ll help you overcome blindspots and identify opportunities while getting everyone aligned with your strategy.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A targeted discovery process to maximize results when meetings begin
  • Focused, high-impact strategy sessions with key leaders
  • Support that goes beyond just facilitation with coaches that expertly advise you on your business

How We Help

There comes a point in an organization’s development when the only reliable way forward is with a solid strategy.

We’ll help you keep up with the growth and change of today, while planning for tomorrow, avoiding bigger problems and consequences of working without a plan.

  • Tailored approach to meet your needs
  • Simple, easy-to-follow implementation plan
  • Strategy designed to match your culture

How We Help

Have you done strategic planning and found that you keep coming back to the same needs, challenges and frustrations again and again?

Successful strategy development should be more than just putting thoughts on paper. We can help you develop a strategy that your team understands, can measure and implement with a clear roadmap.

  • Trackable roadmaps with a prioritized implementation plan
  • Focused strategy execution check-ins
  • Collaborative and consultative, to find the root cause and accelerate your progress

How We Help

If your organization is experiencing undesirable “symptoms,” such as high turnover, issues with sales, challenging team dynamics, or anything you know urgently needs to change – there is a strategy we can develop to get to the root of your problem.

  • Collaborative discovery with your team to identify root causes
  • Practical recommendations to develop or adjust your strategy
  • Tactical support in implementing critical initiatives

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Our proven approach to strategy
puts an end to action without progress.

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Cindy Harp Headshot
Featured Advisor

Cindy HarpExecutive Coach & VP of The Persimmon Group

“The world is changing too fast for you to create a perfect five-year plan. What will actually make your plan “perfect” is a solid strategy coupled with awareness and openness to change.”

  • This was the strategic plan that we needed.“Working with the Persimmon Group to create our strategic plan complexity exceeded our expectations. They helped us to see exactly what we needed to change and what we needed to do to move forward. Even better, our whole organization feels a sense of ownership for our plan because all voices, including our external partners and frontline staff members, were part of the process.”
    Dr. Steve TigerSuperintendent & CEO, Tulsa Tech

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