How We Work

Our engagements are rooted in three key steps that we will navigate together. These steps will guide your team to a strategy that establishes the right balance of clarity, alignment, and adaptability.

We recommend using a combination of surveys and interviews to establish this content, reviewing the results before kicking off your strategy sessions.



Step 2: Identify Your Key Outcomes, Then Goals

We’ll schedule focused sessions with your team to generate ideas and discussion around each component of your strategic plan, starting with outcomes–or your desired end state for each key area of your business.


Though your outcome categories can be different depending on what is most important for your organization, common examples include outcomes for:

Then, we’ll help you establish goals that will guide you toward achieving your desired outcomes. You can think of goals as milestones, or “checkpoints,” throughout the year that you will use to see how your organization is doing and whether you need to make adjustments.

During these sessions, our advisors will play a critical role in facilitating tough but valuable conversations across your leadership team, ensuring that the outcomes and goals you define are the right ones for your organization.


Step 3: Develop a Roadmap of Prioritized Initiatives & Actions

This is where the strategy becomes concrete. To achieve your outcomes and goals, what actions, changes, or initiatives will your organization need to take? Actions and initiatives are the tactical efforts that will progress you toward your vision.

Once identified and prioritized, they will become your roadmap guiding your strategy journey. However, it’s important to understand that your needed actions and initiatives may change. They are part of the “living plan” that will adapt as you meet the unexpected challenges and changes of your business.


This adaptability–openness to change–is a key factor in whether your strategy will be used (and successfully achieved) or just left on a shelf. By establishing outcomes first, the strategy execution approach can evolve as the years unfold and your strategic circumstances change.


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